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LK Automont s.r.o. – introduction of the company

Let us briefly introduce LK Automont s.r.o which is situated in the suburbs of our town in the direction to Olomouc.

LK Automont s.r.o. company was founded in July 1997. Its main activity includes repairs of bodies of cars and lorries and their spray painting. It is thus a car body workshop which (medically said) cures the bodies of our “metal darlings”. Mr Jaromír Lošťák is the owner and concurrently the executive director of the company. 
Everyone who has had such unpleasant experience as a car accident will surely confirm that activities connected with reporting, processing and subsequent repair of the vehicle are stressful, time-consuming and often expensive. Our employees are aware of this fact and the principle of company activities is based on this knowledge. In practice this means that LK Automont s.r.o. company performs nearly all actions associated with processing of all administrative acts connected with a car accident ranging from transport of the crashed car to a car repair service (the company has its own towing truck), filling in and provision of documentation for report to the correspondent insurance company, repair of the damaged vehicle and subsequent dealing with formalities concerning settlement of an invoice for the repair. The most frequently used means of settlement of invoice for repair is so-called covering letter. This means that the repaired vehicle is handed over to the client without payment in cash, only on the basis of confirmation concerning payment for the car repair service provided by the insurance company. When such settlement procedure is used, the client only pays the difference between the invoiced amount and the amount stated in the covering letter, which in case of motor hull insurance includes a contributory payment, depreciation based on the age of the vehicle or VAT in case of vehicles used by entrepreneurs. Such means of settlement of payment for car repair can save everybody significant amounts which they would otherwise have to pay.

LK Automont s.r.o. company cooperates with all main insurance companies operating on the Czech market in the field of motor vehicle insurance.

Material equipment of the company is on top level corresponding to the latest trends in the car repair field. The company employs top experts in the field. All of them have gained experience in authorized services of various brands. LK Automont s.r.o. can also lend one of their subsidiary vehicles to the client for the duration of the repair.

The construction of LK Automont s.r.o. building was made with regard to as sensitive incorporation in the surrounding countryside as possible. We put the same emphasis on worthy facilities for employees and comfort for clients.

A similar approach was used during building of the second repair hall housing a paint shop with a prep station, a place for hand washing of vehicles and paint mixing room and its putting into operation in 2003.

The building of another workshop building which significantly extended our capacity for road vehicle repairs began in 2006. The course of the construction work is shown in the “Building of the workshop 2006 – 2008” subsection. The finishing works took place in 2008 and the new workshop was put into operation in autumn. It houses the second paint shop with state-of-the-art technical equipment and by building it LK Automont s.r.o. has clearly become the top workshop in Olomouc and Central Moravia regions. 

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