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  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
  • AIRTECH paint spray booth
  • AIRTECH prep station
  • Our own paint mixing room
  • We spray-paint with PPG and MaxMeyer paints (we have been using water-thinnable paints since 2006)
  • our car paint shops are subjected to regular audits (inspections) performed by the authorized representatives of the general suppliers of individual vehicle brands in the Czech Republic and their network of authorized dealers. These audits include regular training of our employees with the aim of improvement in using state-of-the-art painting materials and technological procedures recommended by manufacturers of individual brands. Both our car paint shops are currently among the very few car paint shops in Olomouc and Central Moravia region which meet the requirements for high European standard of services and motor vehicle repair quality.
  • We introduced using of CERAMIC CLEARCOAT as a novelty in the first half of 2008. This kind of coating boasts very high degree of hardness and resistance against mechanical damage (caused by e.g. cleaning brushes in a car wash) and self-regeneration ability (straining of surface with covering of minor damage). Ceramic clearcoat is used in production of MERCEDES - BENZ vehicles. The Product information concerning ceramic clearcoat can be found HERE

Pohled do lakovacího boxu  AIRTECHMíchárna barev PPGLakovací box s přípravným stáním


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